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Come to Shenzhen 

and experience accelerated innovation

# innovate TOURS

Shenzhen is a city that is building the future. As a showcase to technological progress - years ahead of the west - it needs to be seen to be understood. One week here will redefine your strategy for growth.


 Which of the tours is the best fit for you? 

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For Corporates

Corporate immersion will lead you to some of the world’s most successful tech innovators to learn from the masters, such as Tencent, DJI, Huawei, BYD, and ZTE.


For Startups

The Manufacturing Bootcamp will guide your product development and manufacturing in the context of China. It includes multiple workshops and trainings.



Dubbed the next Silicon Valley, Shenzhen has grown at a velocity no other city in history has - and it continues to surpass all expectations.

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  • GDP in 2018 $350B+

  • With easy access to the Hong Kong financial gateway, companies here find a niche not just in Chinese but also in global economies - and soar


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  • Up to 17% growth YoY

  • When the city wants a new skyscraper or metro line it gets built in a metro of a few years


  • 80%+ of world's electronics is made in Shenzhen

  • The expertise of designers, engineers, and producers is rooted in fundamentals - enhanced generation to generation


 On our dedicated # Shenzhen FACTS page. 

innovate SERVICES

We're innovation addicts.

And Shenzhen pace shaped us even further in that direction.


Let us know what do you need: matchmaking, customized innovation tours, events, or product development and manufacturing consulting.


 Explore how our work can serve your benefits. 

Who we are?

innovate SHENZHEN is a team of local ecosystem leaders who helped build Shenzhen and its bridges into the west.


With more than a few decades of combined experience ranging startups to Fortune 100 companies, we're excited to share our home and knowledge with you.

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