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The Immersion

  • Access to the world’s most successful tech innovators.

  • Immerse in the "city of the future" ecosystem.

  • Understand the "China speed".

  • Stay on top of digital transformation.



All innovate TOURS are customized according to the needs of each group. However, here are samples given through the following topics.


  a) Smart Cities  

  b) Robotics & AI 

  c) Health Care



a) Smart Cities


You will get to know tech innovators on Shenzhen’s Smart Cities scene. The first part of the innovate SHENZHEN Smart Cities program explains Shenzhen’s eco-system, including the main drivers of the transformation itself. Furthermore, we explore holistic systems done by designers of Shenzhen, tools that are an integral part of digitalization, new energy, transport and other drivers of Shenzhen's accelerated innovation culture.  


Duration: 2-4 days

Program Sample: 

  1. InnovateShenzhen info session

  2. Smart cities eco-system session

  3. Visit the main drivers of Digital and Smart Cities 

  4. Visit Innovation Hubs



b) Robotics & AI 


China is home to the most valuable Robotics & AI unicorns that not only drive the technology forward but frog-leaps digitalization of economies. With Xi Jinping's Made in China 2025, robotics is one of ten key prioritized industries that is being developed and invested in. China has been the main producer of industrial robots in previous years as factories continue to push into industry 3.0, 4.0 and collaborative industry 5.0.


Duration: 2-4 days


  1. Innovate session

  2. Robotics and Ai eco-system session 

  3. Visit the main drivers of robotics, Ai, and industry X.0

  4. Visit Innovation Hubs



C) Mobile Healthcare 


Improving community health care in China is one of the priorities of the government with the current and future reforms that are outlined in Healthy China 2030. The policies are encouraging a more flexible and innovative environment that will support the aging population and frontier biotech.


Duration: 2-4 days


  1. Innovate session

  2. Health-care eco-system session 

  3. Visit the main drivers of health care and innovation

  4. Visit Innovation Hubs


Interested to discover more about innovate TOURS



1. For Corporates - The Immersion
a) Smart Cities
b) Robotics & AI
c) Mobile Helthcare

Manufacturing Bootcamp 

  • Learn about new product development

  • How does the Shenzhen manufacturing ecosystem works

  • Learn what do you need for manufacturing: documentation, DFM practices, costs

  • How to select the right partners and suppliers

  • Meet your potential suppliers 

  • Visit injectuion molding and electronics factories



The Manufacturing Bootcamp by innovate SHENZHEN was developed as a response to an enormous failure rate among hardware startups. 


In hardware, all roads lead to Shenzhen. There is no better place in the world to expose the most common yet preventable hardware startup mistakes.


The Manufacturing Bootcamp optimal duration is four days. As the idea is to go through the most critical milestones of the process of new product development from idea until the first batch gets off production lines.


In addition, the Bootcamp is designed by foreign professionals in China for those foreigners coming to China to make their things done. Bringing the context of China is very important. It turned out that an average Chinese don't understand what kind of struggles foreign startups go through. Though that's normal, still so many times overlooked.


And one more thing. Due to the unique layer of cultural, social and business differences between China and the rest of the world, the only space to explain it all is to experience it here, on the ground in Shenzhen.


Watch Participants Testimonials

Are you interested to attend the Manufacturing Bootcamp in Shenzhen? 

2. For Startups: Startup Manufactruing Bootcamp
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