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 # Shenzhen FACTS

20) 100% of the city's taxi fleet consist of electric vehicles.
19) About 50% of the city are green areas.
18) The average citizen of Shenzhen is less than 35 years old. It makes the city "youngest" in China.
17) The highest population density in China.
16) The highest income per capita in China.
15) Shenzhen is China's first Special Economic Zone.
14) It is a 15-minute ride by bullet-train from the heart of Shenzhen's CBD to Hong Kong Island.
13) Around 80% of world's consumer electronics is produced in or around Shenzhen.
12) There are four 3 inter-city bullet-train railway stations connecting Shenzhen with all the other large cities in China.
11) Bullet-trains in suburbs of Shenzhen reach around 350km/h (220mi/h)
10) There are more than 30.000 companies in Shenzhen which businesses fall in Science & Technology industry.
9) GDP of Shenzhen in 2017 was about USD 350bn. 
8) Ping An Tower or Ping An Financial Center (PACF) is the tallest building in Shenzhen (599m), and the tallest office-only building in the world, and fourth tallest overall.
7) In 1978 Shenzhen city was established. At that time, it was a fishing village of about 30.000 people.
6) By the end of 2017, the Shenzhen Government estimated that more than 22 million people live in Shenzhen.
5) From 2004 to 2016 Shenzhen has put in operation 8 metro lines. As a result, average construction time per metro line is about 18 months.
4) Shenzhen Port is a company that has sea ports for large container ships on 3 separated locations in the city
3) Shenzhen Port has the largest output capacity in the world. By the actual output, it's world's third cargo port. 
2) Almost 5% of Shenzhen's massive GDP goes into technological and Scientific Research & Development.
1) Shenzhen is the city-host of China High-Tech Fair, held every November.

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